Jimpunk/reCAPCHAT   Jimpunk
12/03/2012 - 12/04/2012

Domain Gallery is pleased to present reCAPCHAT, a solo exhibition by french artist Jimpunk curated by Manuel Fernández.

Jimpunk is a wellknown net-artist who has been using Internet as context for his art practice from late 90's.

reCAPCHAT use the reCAPTCHA system, an extension of the CAPTCHA test that recognizes text in images to determine when the user is human or not. Jimpunk has modified these systems to generate a nonsense chat, an intervention in Twitter where every time a user fills out the reCAPTCHA, is published in an account open for the project, creating a new and unexpected spontaneous way of experimental communication.

lives and works in Paris.

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